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Quality and environment 

Nina Ottosson - is according to many dog psychologists and trainers around the world one of the best in developing and designing educational activity toys and games for you and your dog. The products are carefully developed by Nina Ottosson together with dogs, using only the best materials for optimal function and safety for the dogs as well as the environment.

We use only the very best materials, - it´s very important for me because my dogs and your dogs will play with, eat from and lick on this material, so it must be clean and safe. Ranging from packaging to the smallest detail can be submitted for recycling or incineration.

Our choice of materialssvanen_eco_friendly

The plastic games and toys are splinter-free, poison-free and some are FDA tested and approved for food. Wooden toys are made in Sweden with all-natural MDF material of certified “SVANEN” marked eco-friendly Carb 2 MDF, which means that no formaldehyde is added, which is very common for similar products.

The MDF material is FSC certified, (minimum environmental-impact for both animals and plant), and approved in accordance with the Swedish and California's tough rules for composite panels applicable environmental and health, which is an important factor because these games will be used by both my dogs and your dogs.

The raw material has not tainted by previous use or involvement of foreign and dangerous substances, which otherwise is very common in other similar MDF boards. Discarded wood-based products can be disposed of at landfill sites, where wood fractions can be chipped and used as pellets or as fuel. Used discs are an excellent fuel. Carbon dioxide emissions from burning of wood does not affect the greenhouse effect. The ash from MDF Board, which has not been surface treated or treated otherwise, can be traced to the natural cycle and is thus a recirculating nutrient resource.

All wood blocks in our wooden games are made of hard and dense wood from beech trees.
In all of our plastic toys, we have only used non-toxic and recyclable plastic such as PE and PP plastic, and can thus be submitted to the environmental stations with recycling of plastics. In most of the plastic parts for our wooden games, we use an environmentally friendly plastic, consisting of 40% plastic and 60% wood shavings.